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AAIV-AVMA House of Delegates Update Blog

December 2018 AVMA House of Delegates Update
By Bonnie Bragdon
Posted on 12/4/2018 10:00 AM

It’s time for eggnog, holiday celebrations and New Year’s resolutions.  And the AVMA’s winter meeting of the House of Delegates.  The House's agenda is packed full of decisions which are likely to impact you as an AAIV and/or AVMA member.  Top of our list is a proposal to raise AVMA membership dues between $30 and $50 beginning in 2020.  Close behind are possible changes to the bylaws regulating AAIV’s eligibility for a seat in the House of Delegates.  This timely information is why it is important that AAIV remain in the House of Delegates.  As AAIV, we are part of the Allied Caucus and stand alongside your State representatives, defending your interests within the AVMA.  In addition to casting votes on your behalf, AAIV can nominate our members to serve on committees, councils and task forces.  Your membership in AAIV is especially important for providing you access to AVMA, especially if you have discontinued your state VMA membership.  Other issues to be considered at the winter meeting are updates to the Model Veterinary Practice Act and the role veterinary technicians / nurses play in delivering patient care.  We’d love to hear your opinions.  Support AAIV in sharing your unique expertise and passion for your profession with the AVMA.  Drop me a line at for more information!

Disclaimer-  Please note that I am an employee of Merck Animal Health, however the opinions I express and the materials I present reflect my sole opinions, and do not necessarily represent the opinions of Merck Animal Health.