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AAIV-AVMA House of Delegates Update Blog

January 2018 AVMA House of Delegates Update
By Bonnie Bragdon
Posted on 1/16/2018 2:33 PM

What’s worse than hate?  Indifference!  Love, hate or don’t care about the AVMA, it’s an organization which represents you as a veterinary professional.


But let’s be frank.  I struggle with finding the relevance of AVMA resolutions, policies and services to me as a professional services veterinarian tasked with supporting a field based sales team.


Why should I care about….

Veterinary-patient-client relationship – I don’t see patients

The opioid addiction crisis – I don’t prescribe medications

Increased corporatization of veterinary medicine – I don’t plan to go back to practice

And the list goes on…..


How does any of this relate to industry veterinarians and our contributions to animal health?


And I came to the conclusion, I ‘ve been thinking about it all wrong.  Instead of asking how these issues affect me or you, I have a new question.


What does the AVMA need to do to represent your unique interests and needs as veterinarians working in industry?


While we want to keep you current on what is happening at AVMA, we’d also like to introduce and represent issues impacting you within the AVMA.


So what’s in it for you?  We want to know what you love or hate about the AVMA and its representation of industry veterinarians. 


What issues are important to you? Take this short survey to provide your feedback:

AVMA Feedback Survey

Disclaimer-  Please note that I am an employee of Merck Animal Health. However, the opinions I express and the materials I present reflect my sole opinions and do not necessarily represent the opinions of Merck Animal Health.