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About Us


To be indispensable for improving the health and welfare of all species


Promote the value of veterinarians in human and animal healthcare industries


- Collaboration
- Networking and relationships
- Innovation
- Collegiality
- Professional support

Our Story

The American Association of Industry Veterinarians, an AVMA allied organization, was formed in 1954 by a group of veterinarians working in the pharmaceutical industry. It is a federally recognized non-profit organization with membership just under 500. AAIV members are veterinarians working in industry.

The AAIV exists to:

- To advance the professional standards and development of veterinarians engaged in any phase of industry employment.

- To inform of the contributions that veterinarians can make to their diversified operations.

- To inform the veterinary profession of the increasing employment opportunities in industry.

- To promote free communications among the members of this organization, within the limits of individual corporate policy.

- To promote communication and cooperation between this organization and other organizations with mutual interests.