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AAIV Presents Webinar Series

Join AAIV as we host incredible speakers who are experts in their field. The AAIV Presents Webinar Series provides veterinarians continuing education as they learn about business success strategies, work-life balance, and current topics in the veterinary industry. 

Upcoming Webinars

Check back soon for our 2021 AAIV Presents Webinar Series!

Webinar Archive

We have heard from fascinating speakers over the years, and their talks are stored in the AAIV Presents Webinar Archive. AAIV members have exclusive access to this archive. Past webinar topics include: 

"AAIV Presents: Career Opportunities in Laboratory Animal Medicine and Research Compliance"  presented by: Stacy Pritt, DVM, MS, MBA, CPIA, CHRC, DACAW

"Investments, Market Volatility, Media Noise, and You" 
presented by: Darby Affeldt, DVM, RICP

"Conflict Management: Understanding and Applying This Critical Skill"
presented by: Ellen Lowery, DVM, PhD, MBA

"KC Animal Health Corridor"
 presented by: Kimberly Young
"Reaching Your Retirement/Financial Goals"  
presented by: Darby Affeldt, DVM, RICP

"Going Beyond Skills and Experience: Finding the Job That's Right for You"  
presented by: Stacy Pursell

"Build Your Brand with Social Media"  
presented by: Caitlin DeWilde, DVM

"How (and Why) to Assess and Then Convey Your Value to Upper Management"
 presented by: Brenda Andresen

"Personal and Organizational Wellbeing - Thriving versus Barely Surviving"
 presented by: Tad Coles, DVM, CCFP, MRSS-P

"Who's the Boss and Does it Matter? Getting Things Done When You're Not in Charge" presented by: Dr. Jeff Thoren and Linda Mains

"The Skills You Need to Work in the Veterinary Industry" 
presented by: Stacy Pursell

"ORGANized Veterinary Medicine: The Eyes, Ears and Heart of the Profession" presented by: Dr. Heidi Hulon

"Women Leadership Initiatives in the Veterinary Profession - WVLDI and WILMAH" 
presented by: Dr. Rachel Cezar, Dr. Bridget Heilsberg, Dr. Deb Stone, and Rachel Bailey

"A Telehealth Roadmap for the Veterinary Profession"
presented by: Dr. Mark Cushing

"Identifying Actionable Motivators: Developing and Effectively Utilizing Specialized Analytical Algorithms" presented by: Dr. Ken Rotondo

"Fix the Debt" presented by: Dr. Michael Chaddock

"A 6-Step Blueprint for Maximizing Your Earning Potential" presented by: Stacy Pursell

"Veterinary Pricing Trends, Insights, and Perspectives" presented by: Dr. Carol McConnell

Members, can access the archive by clicking: Webinar Series Archive.
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