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AAIV-AVMA House of Delegates Updates

Jan/Feb 2021 AVMA House of Delegates Update
By Debra Nickelson
Posted on 2/4/2021 6:31 PM

House of Delegates Report

January 10, 2021

Debra Nickelson DVM, MBA
AAIV Alternate Delegate

The Veterinary Leadership Conference, usually held in cold windy Chicago every January, was virtual this year. It seemed that even people from the warmer climates missed getting together in person. The American Veterinary Medical Association did an excellent job of smoothly running a virtual meeting. Even your esteemed AAIV President, Dr. Matt Krecic was diligently working during this meeting; much of the time, I saw he was sharing his laptop.

Your representatives on the House of Delegates, Dr. Ellen Lowery and I had eight (yes, 8) Resolutions plus two Veterinary Information Forum topics to consider. So much activity occurred before the meeting with a multitude of e-mails, attachments, and even some personal phone calls. So here are a summary of the resolutions and outcomes. If you have any questions, please contact us. And certainly, if you have any issues you would like to bring to the attention of the House of Delegates, contact us. Next meeting is in July. 


Resolution 1 - Rules for officer election campaigns

· Updating rules for election of AVMA officers, chair of Board of Directors, HAC chair about campaigning and seeking endorsement while serving in another role.

· Referred to House Advisory Committee for clarification and a working group.


Resolution 2 – Expansion of dues reduction for recent graduates

· This was a 3-year schedule of reduced dues (different than what is granted currently) for 2021, 2022 and 2023 graduates in good SCAVMA standing with possible continuation or not.

· Referred to the Board of Directors for consideration by the Strategy Management Committee and the Budget and Financial Review Committee.


Resolution 3 – Policy on advocating for necessary veterinary medical therapy

· Basically, allows veterinarians to make decisions on judicious use of safe and effective antimicrobial therapies.

· Passed


Resolution 4 – Revised policy on exempt biologics

· Simplified the policy.

· Passed


Resolution 5 – Guidelines for use of autogenous biologics

· Amended to allow simultaneous administration of other products as necessary.

· Amended remove requirement that veterinarians demonstrate field efficacy.



Resolution 6 – Revised policy on veterinary dentistry

· Basically, recognizing it as a veterinary procedure

· Passed


Resolution 7 – Model veterinary practice act

· About impaired veterinarians and technicians

· Passed


Resolution 8 – Depopulation guidelines

· Reclassifying ventilation shutdown as not recommended.

· This really did not come to the floor as it was submitted too late.

·  Recommended to be addressed by Panel on Animal Depopulation


Veterinary Information Forum – Veterinary medicine in the aftermath of COVID-19, part 2

· A lot of information about keeping workplaces safe and COVID vaccination.

· No specific action needed.


Veterinary Information Forum – Timing of canine spay/neuter

· Further study recommended.

· No specific action needed.


Council Elections – actually, appointments because these people ran unopposed.

· Council on Public Health – Dr. Boyd Parr

· Council on Research – Dr. Susan Tornquist