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AAIV Education Series

Compensation Survey, Dues and New Memberships
By Timothy Smaha
Posted: 2023-02-21T16:26:00Z

We have three announcements for our members that wrap up the past year and get us started for 2023.  


The 2021 compensation survey is complete and is going live shortly. This year we had the data analysis performed by a Ph.D. statistician from Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine. You will notice that it has a different look, is more streamlined for better use by hiring managers and considers several new factors including job satisfaction, quality of work-life balance, starting salary versus current salary and a more comprehensive list of benefits offered by employer.  


At the annual meeting of the AAIV Board of Directors, the decision was made to increase dues effective July 1, 2023. Our goal was to bring the dues for AAIV on par with other AVMA allied organizations but remain affordable for our members who pay out of pocket. The dues have been at the current rate for at least the past 12 years and operational expenses have increased dramatically. Effective July 1, membership will be $135 a year for active members. The BOD has agreed to this increase through the year 2025 at which we will reassess at that time. For members who pay before July 1, the current rate of $110 will extend your membership for one year past your current expiration date. Furthermore, sponsor membership rates will increase but will remain discounted based on sponsorship level. Please reach out to AAIV President-Elect Dr. Bianca Zenor to discuss the new rates for sponsorship members.  


AAIV is currently considering adding a new category of affiliate membership. This would allow technicians who work in industry (or who desire to work in industry) to have a membership level to participate in the organization in the same way that other AVMA allied organizations allow technician or non-veterinary members. The Board of Directors will be voting on this change, and we will have this added into the bylaws by a vote of the full membership later this quarter. We are currently soliciting feedback from our members about this decision. Please email our executive board at by March 15 if you have any feedback before this is put up for a vote.