Corporate and industry careers in veterinary medicine offer fantastic and varied opportunities. A career in veterinary industry may allow you to lead and influence the entire veterinary profession. The excitement, the longer term and more encompassing goals, the servant leadership to the veterinary profession, and the pay and benefits allow you to experience a different type of satisfaction in your professional and personal life. And you will have the opportunity for unlimited professional growth.

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Mentoring Matters

"Being a member of AAIV and participating in the mentorship program has been a very rewarding and indispensable experience for me. My mentor, Dr. Smaha, took time to review my resume and to give me helpful tips and pointers along the way. Transitioning from clinical practice into my first industry role has come with a steep learning curve, but I am grateful to have Dr. Smaha's constant support and encouragement along the way."

- Elizabeth Mongol-Gunter, VMD

FAQ: A Career in Industry

Making the career transition from a clinical practice veterinarian to an industry veterinarian can feel scary or overwhelming because of the unknowns and unfamiliarity. AAIV has answers to some of the most common questions for clinical veterinarians looking to make that career jump to industry.

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Career Resources

AAIV has put together numerous resources to aid you as you explore the career transition as an industry veterinarian. These resources include career options, preparation, career management and well-being.