Compensation Survey Overview

The annual industry veterinarian compensation survey helps build knowledge of how the animal health industry is progressing toward competitive compensation.


Career Resources

Find information on how to prepare for a new profession and how to be successful in it, as well as learn how to get the most out of your current career.


Connect with your current and future colleagues through AAIV events such as webinars, virtual networking opportunities, in-person networking receptions and more.


Corporate and industry careers in veterinary medicine offer fantastic and varied opportunities. A career in veterinary industry may allow you to lead and influence the entire veterinary profession. The excitement, the longer term and more encompassing goals, the servant leadership to the veterinary profession, and the pay & benefits allow you to experience a different type of satisfaction in your professional and personal life. And you will have the opportunity for unlimited professional growth.

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Starting a Career in Industry

A list of resources is compiled below that can aid you as you look into the field of industry veterinarians.

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A career as an industry veterinarian encompasses anything that is not traditional clinical practice. This could include:

  • Animal health companies (biologicals, pharmaceuticals, nutritional, medical devices)
  • Human health companies
  • Consumer pet companies
  • Laboratory animal
  • Research
  • Corporate practice management
  • Academics
  • Federal, state, and local government
  • Military
  • Marketing and advertising agencies
  • Publications (writing, editing, blogging, speaking)
  • Pet and livestock insurance
  • Nonprofit
  • Consulting
  • And wherever your imagination and ambition lead you!
  • Research - biomedical, clinical, field, environmental, genetics, pharmacological, animal care
  • Business - intercompany licensing, mergers, acquisitions, negotiations, executive leadership
  • Regulatory affairs - product registration, pharmacovigilance, compliance
  • Product support - marketing, technical services, customer service, field sales
  • Research and development - production, project management, quality assurance
  • Communications- writing, editing, blogging, social media, public relations

Here are some ways to begin:

  • Try to gain some business experience according to your interests via internships, volunteerism, or other programs.
  • Capitalize on speaking, writing and media projects.
  • Join American Association of Industry Veterinarians, via
  • Network constantly, via professional meetings, local events, and LinkedIn.
  • Look at company career portals and other animal health websites.
  • Consider every contact an interview and practice your "elevator speech."

Employers look for evidence of leadership skills and the ability to work as a team player. Employers value a candidate's experience in veterinary practice and an understanding of or willingness to learn business principles. Excellent communication and analytical skills with problem solving abilities are highly valued.

You already have most of these traits and skills from your time in practice. You already provide excellent customer service, communicate with different types of people, solve problems, educate clients, handle complaints, and explain complex concepts in an understandable way.

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Career Resources

Finding information about how to prepare for a new profession and how to be successful in it can be plentiful, leaving you with the question of where to even start in your research?

AAIV has compiled a list of resources to help you as you look into the field of industry veterinarians.