Jan/Feb 2022 AVMA House of Delegates Update

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By Debra Nickelson

AVMA House of Delegates Report

Winter Meeting 2022

The winter session of the AVMA House of Delegates occurred Jan. 7-8 during the Veterinary Leadership Conference in Chicago. This was a hybrid meeting in which many delegates, including Dr. Ellen Lowery, attended virtually. Dr. Pam Mitchell, representing Louisiana, and I attended in person.


Resolution #1 Revised Policy on Rabies

· This was a clarification of wording of the importance of vaccination in animals.

· Passed.

Resolution #2 Revised Policy on Annual Rabies Vaccination Waiver

· This was a clarification and simplification of the policy on annual rabies vaccination waiver.

· Passed.

Resolution #3 New Policy on Food Safety

· This restructured policy was supported by the food animal allied groups. It streamlined language to identify components of an effective and comprehensive food safety program.

· Passed.

Resolution #4 New Policy on Support for the Collection of Antimicrobial Use Data for Antimicrobial Stewardship

· This resolution supported the collection of data and analysis regarding antimicrobial use.

· The AVMA won’t perform the study but would publish an article in JAVMA to provide additional background for the policy and serve as an educational resource. 

· Referred to the House Advisory Committee.

Resolution #5 Revised Policy on Guidelines for Classifying Veterinary Facilities

· There are many definitions on how veterinary facilities are named and other organizations have been trying to develop consistent polices.

· During discussions, it was clear that our list was incomplete and needs more work.

· Referred to the House Advisory Committee.

Veterinary Information Forum Topics

License portability

· I expressed how helpful this may be for those of you who still want to practice or volunteer part-time if your company or another position moves you to another state.

· While license portability is supported in general, every state has its own requirements and directives.

· The HOD requested that the AVMA Board of Directors further explore the issue with consideration given to existing policies and the need for collaboration with state and allied associations.

Expansion of AVMA membership to veterinary technicians/nurses, practice managers and other veterinary professionals.

· There was much discussion about what expanded AVMA membership would look like and do for members.

· The HOD requested that the AVMA Board of Directors consider creating a pathway of communication with other veterinary health care team organizations, starting with the National Association of Veterinary Technicians in American and the Veterinary Hospital Manager Association to investigate how to best work collaboratively to strengthen their organizations and professions as well as the AVMA.

Let us know what questions you have and be sure to share any concerns that you would like your AAIV and the AVMA to consider. The next meeting is during the AVMA Convention on July 29 to Aug. 1 in Philadelphia.

Top picture: Dr. Pam Mitchell, AAIV Secretary with Dr. José Arce, AVMA President

Bottom picture: Dr. Debra Nickelson (right) with other delegates

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