My Must Have | Q2 2024

By Ann Korbel, D.V.M.

When I made the transition from general veterinary practice to industry, I became a road warrior. Over the years I’ve developed a long list of travel essentials, but today I’d like to share a fun one. I never leave home – for work or for play – without a Turkish cotton towel.

You might be wondering, “Why?” Let me share with you all the reasons I love these cozy little marvels. First, I am one of those people who always feels cold. My Turkish cotton towel is pretty enough to pass as a scarf or shawl in a chilly conference room and warm enough to serve as a blanket on an airplane or in a hotel room. It also rolls up into a comfy neck rest if I need to catch a few ZZZs on the plane.

My towel is incredibly absorbant, rinses easily, and dries super fast. Airplane turbulence spilled your drink? Those tiny cocktail napkins aren’t going to help, but a corner of my towel wipes everything up in a flash. Have you or your equipment ever been rained on during an outdoor event? My towel is right there to the rescue. I can toss it over a car seat and it will be dry in a few hours.

Finally, my towel works great as, well, a towel. Hotel service ever forgot to restock your room? No worries – you brought your own towel! I purchased my very first Turkish cotton towel for a beach vacation. It didn’t disappoint. It shed sand much better than regular beach towels. It also made a comfy seat cover and/or pretty table cloth when the cleanliness of the only available park bench was questionable.

A quick Google search will introduce you to many companies that sell Turkish cotton towels. I’ve purchased most of mine from Teema because I’m fond of their neutral patterns and color schemes. Try one and I’m sure you’ll find as many unique uses for it as I have.

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