New AAIV coordinator: Izzy Ramirez

We have a new face in the AAIV world! Isabella “Izzy” Ramirez will be taking over the role of AAIV coordinator in the new year. Izzy comes from an administrative assistant and customer service background, previously holding roles at FosterAdopt Connect and Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory in Kansas City, KS. As many of you know, AAIV has a partnership with K-State Olathe in which we help each other serve those in the animal health industry. An integral part of this partnership is the role of the coordinator who assists with administrative, marketing and members services duties for our organization. Megan Gould, the AAIV coordinator since November 2020, will be stepping into more responsibilities on the marketing team at K-State Olathe and is handing the reins over to Izzy. We appreciate Megan’s dedication throughout her time with our organization and are happy to continue working with K-State Olathe! You can read more about Izzy and her background here.

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