Q3 2022 AVMA Leadership Report

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By Debra Nickelson

Meet your AVMA Leaders

2022-2023 AVMA President: Dr. Lori Teller (Left most)
2022-2024 AVMA Vice President: Dr. Jennifer Quammen (Middle left)
2022-2023 AVMA President-Elect: Dr. Rena Carlson (Middle)
AVMA Board of Directors Chair: Dr. Ronald E. Gill (Middle right)
AVMA Board of Directors Vice Chair: Dr. Charles Lemme (Right most)

Candidates for 2023-2024 AVMA President-Elect

Dr. Sandra Faeh Butler (Left)
Dr. Bob Murtaugh (Middle)
Dr. Arnold L. Goldman (Right)

Summary of Candidates’ Remarks

Meet House Advisory Committee Elected Members

Dr. Stuart Brown
Dr. Diana Thome
Dr. Libby Todd

Meet AVMA Committee Members Nominated by AAIV

Dr. Efrem Hunter – Legislative Advisory Committee
Dr. Wendy Weirich – Alternate, Animal Welfare Committee
Dr. Joe Dedrickson – Animal Agriculture Liaison Committee
Dr. Karen Shenoy – Alternate, Food Safety Advisory Committee (pet food industry) 

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