Q4 2022 AVMA House of Delegates Report

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By Debra Nickelson

AVMA House of Delegates Report

If you have not participated in a Veterinary Leadership Conference, I encourage you to attend. Sure, Chicago can be freezing cold in January, but it can be surprisingly pleasant, and you are indoors most of the time. There also will be fun team-building projects for a good cause.

There are plenty of networking opportunities, insightful sessions on leadership, well-being activities and you can see your AVMA governing body in action on the House of Delegates floor. Click the link for more information: Veterinary Leadership Conference | American Veterinary Medical Association

Journey for Teams

The AVMA is co-launching a multiyear educational initiative to help veterinary workplaces become more diverse, equitable and inclusive. The AVMA and Veterinary Medical Association Executives (VMAE) will deliver monthly learning modules for about 30 months on topics related to DEI on the project’s website. These modules will be about 15 minutes in length and include time to discuss the issues and make plans for changes in a workplace. More information can be found on journeyforteams.org.

How does Journey for Teams work?

Any veterinary professional can sign up to participate in Journey for Teams. Over the next two years, Journey for Teams will release a wide range of resources you can use to learn about DEI topics and build a practical roadmap to advance DEI where you work:

·     Developing and supporting fabulous teams

·     Fostering an extraordinary workplace

·     Walking the walk with clients, customers and vendors

·     Embracing the community

You can choose how to use the program. You might decide to delve into the foundational concepts around DEI first, or you might use it to continue work already started. It’s up to you.

Every journey needs a navigator, so the program relies in part on team members who commit to guide discussions, identify possible action items and monitor progress on those actions. The Journey for Teams program provides the resources these navigators need to lead the DEI initiative in their workplace. Participating workplaces are encouraged to include a commitment to DEI core principles and behaviors in their stated values.

What will you gain as a Journey for Teams participant?

·     A greater sense of curiosity

·     Inspiration and knowledge to foster respectful dialog

·     Tools to help colleagues better understand and embrace DEI behaviors

·     Pride and satisfaction in the work you do to build a more welcoming community

Through Journey for Teams, you’ll foster your own growth and meaningfully impact the lives of colleagues, customers and the diverse society we’re all committed to serve.

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