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Who’s Who in the AVMA?

By megangould | October 10, 2023

Dr. Rena Carlson steps in as the 2023-2024 AVMA President. Congratulations to Dr. Sandra Faeh who was elected as AVMA President-Elect. Dr. Jennifer Quammen is the AVMA Vice President for another year.

Left: Dr. Rena Carlson                     Middle: Dr. Sandra Faeh                      Right: Dr. Jennifer Quammen

Two candidates announced their run for AVMA Vice President for 2024-2026: Dr. Elizabeth Boggier and Dr. Gary Marshall. Additionally, Dr. Michael Bailey announced his candidacy for AVMA President-Elect for 2024-2025.

Left: Dr. Elizabeth Boggier              Middle: Dr. Gary Marshall                    Right: Dr. Michael Bailey

The House of Delegates selected these at-large members of AVMA House Advisory Committee:

  • Dr. Juan Amieiro
  • Dr. Lindy O’Neal
  • Dr. Theresa Kelliher
  • Dr. Douglas McInnis

For those who do not know, AAIV has a Liaison at AVMA, Dr. Sandy Willis. You will see her at AAIV meetings and receptions.

Left: Dr. Sandy Willis

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